Listen the children! They are the secret to reach peace


Malala isn’t the only one. World should enjoy virtuous children who are fighting incredibleinjustices in their countries.

In 2006 International Children’s Nobel Peace Prize was born to encourage young people who seemed hopeless in overcoming their difficulties. Talking about this at the 15th World Summit of the Nobel Peace Laureates is extremely important to recognize these battles and inspire youths to do their best.

Abraham Keita, while we were taking an interview with, said that nobody can help children to change their terrible conditions and face violations of their rights in several part of the world.

“We have to find the strength by ourselves — he told us — Adults do not help children too many times. Instead, too often they create troubles and we children need to react. I know that it is very hard…”

“Abraham, do you believe in politics? Or would you strive to reach peace through peaceful means involving other social realities?”

“I do not believe in politics. It is the main reason which caused so many problems in my country, Liberia. We have to involve people, community and a great variety of social groups. We should start with culture for example, we could inspire people to be more brave in front of the status quo.
Each society needs good and brilliant children for a better future. World cannot accept these injustices but only courage and willingness, which can come from the humble levels of society, have stable roots to change a bad present into a better future. Namely those which come from the children’s hearts.