Conversation with Lech Walesa between history and Solidarity


An hour workshop with the former Poland’s President regarding the unthinkable answers of history. Lech Walesa is neither an electrician, nor one of the Solidarity’s founders. He is neither the Poland’s president, nor a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate since 1983. For the international students who attended the workshop today he has been more. Today Lech Walesa has been a spiritual … Continue reading

Listen the children! They are the secret to reach peace


Malala isn’t the only one. World should enjoy virtuous children who are fighting incredibleinjustices in their countries. In 2006 International Children’s Nobel Peace Prize was born to encourage young people who seemed hopeless in overcoming their difficulties. Talking about this at the 15th World Summit of the Nobel Peace Laureates is extremely important to recognize these battles and inspire youths … Continue reading

Lech Walesa: the surprising victory achieved by a hoping electrician


Not considering the participation of Lech Walesa in a Nobel Peace Prize laureates’ World Summit would be quite impossible. Clever politician, former President of Poland, Solidarnosc’ activist, and humble electrician who got the bravery to face the Soviet Communism in the harsh years of repression, what else?Each Nobel laureate has lived an extraordinary life based on unpredictable victories, but telling … Continue reading



Why Catalan nationalism and European policies are so close   There is an odd relationship between Catalan nationalism and the latest European policies, especially those concerning the distribution of migrants among the EU member states. Proud of its own identity, Catalonia is not only one of the most industrialized regions of Spain, but also one of the most independent-minded. This … Continue reading